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This is a really popular piece by guitarist Andy McKee. He utilizes his guitar as a percussion instrument and establishes a strong rhythm by hitting it on beats 2 and 4. Then he combines a melody by using an over-handed tapping technique. It seems complex but it's pretty easy once you get the swing of it. I love this guys approach to guitar and making textures. He almost exclusively plays in alternate tunings, some of them seeming very bizarre. This piece is in D-A-D-G-A-D though so it's not too out there.  I've learned several more of his tunes this past year and am really digging the way he can infuse so much rhythm into all of his pieces. Next up I'll post either "Blue Liquid" or "Hunter's Moon"


This is me demoing a cool pedal called a "Tube Driver". I set up a loop of a simple chord progression and wanted to play some Eric Johnson-esque solos on top, nothing too melodic. Last year I had a breakthrough with a picking technique while re-learning "Cliffs of Dover". All the fast fills you see me doing are prime examples of it. It's basically playing triplets with pentatonics using a specific picking pattern. I could more easily break it down during a one on one lesson. Anyways, it creates a really cool cascading sound effect that I've always loved the sound of. A lot of my more advanced students got to reap the benefits of this cool technique unlock too :-)


Here's me demoing an entry level guitar and amp set up at my old stomping ground The Music Room. The owner had asked me to prove to the world that you don't need an expensive guitar to shred and get good, crunchy tones. If you look closely you'll see me going for a wammy bar at the end but I quickly realized this had a fixed bridge, ha!


Here's me playing an arrangement of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" I wrote for a wedding ceremony. I think this song is timeless and sounds good on almost any instrument. A lot of tough chord stretches and some minor audio distortion (I never claimed to be an audio engineer). Nevertheless, it's a blast to play!

                                                               - Mike